Fluffi Bunni hack hits UK websites

On the redirected page, Fluffi Bunni asks ‘for Mr Bin Laden and $5m in a brown paper bag’ in exchange for repairing the hack. He redirected traffic by cracking a domain name system server belonging to UK domain name registrar NetNames.

Jonathan Robinson, chief executive at NetNames, said: ‘We became aware of a problem shortly before nine o’clock this morning. We have many thousands of clients and it became clear that the majority had been affected.

‘Consequently, we shut down the servers for all our clients at nine thirty this morning for restoration. They were back up by 10 o’clock.’

Mark Read, a network security analyst at MIS-CDS, said: ‘The finger has to point at NetNames. Someone there has not been doing their job properly.’

However, NetNames has denied that the incident was the result of a failure on their behalf to fix any known security exploits, such as a weakness in Bind, the software used to translate web addresses into the IP numbers used by servers.

Robinson said: ‘We won’t be revealing exactly what the problem was for security reasons. However, I can confirm that it was not due to any failure to fix a known exploit. No system is 100 per cent secure.’

Meanwhile, reports suggest email spammers are preying on people seeking to help victims of the New York terrorist attacks, reports.

The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email (CAUCE) warned today that online con artists were spamming millions of addresses claiming to act as collection points for charities typically named as the ‘Express Relief Fund’ or ‘Victims’ Survivor Fund’.

In a statement CAUCE said that it was unlikely that any money sent to these organisations would end up helping any disaster victims and would only line the pockets of crooks.

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