Campaign to combat internet crime

Link: Phishing attacks increase sevenfold in five months

With the fast-paced rise of internet usage in the home and small businesses, hackers are beginning to target those with weaker or no security systems.

Mick Deats of the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit said: ‘In the beginning hackers used to attack major companies, but their IT security systems are now very tight. So hackers are turning their attention to smaller businesses and home users who are softer targets,’ The Financial Times reported.

Apacs, the trade association for payment processing companies, reported a 4,000% rise over the past year in phishing – a scam in which internet users are sent an email claiming to be from their bank, which leads them to a bogus website that tricks them into revealing their bank security details. The information can then be used to siphon money from their banks or steal their identity.

The campaign, called Project Endurance, will involve the trade department, the CBI, the Cabinet Office Information Assurance Team and leading technology companies.

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