Business software in its infancy says MS exec

Link: EC clears Microsoft/Navision move

Addressing a 3000-strong auditorium at the annual Stampede event, Burgum, who presided over the recent £1bn takeover of accounting software vendor Navision in April, said: ‘Software’s in grade school. It’s in its infancy. It doesn’t play well with its friends, it’s got to get better. But we have to make sure we’re grounded in our core talents.’

He said he counted a passion for customers, partners and technology, willingness to take on changes and see them through, accountability and ability for self-criticism, questioning and commitment as crucial for Microsoft.

Among the core tenets needed to improve software are customer trust, innovation, leadership, global inclusive approach and excellence, said Burgum, who is also senior vice president of Microsoft Corporation.

Concluding his keynote speech Burgum said: ‘I hope no one believes we’ve reached our full potential.’

In April Microsoft unveiled a ’10-year plan’ aimed at making it the largest player in the accountancy software market, after announcing the £1bn acquisition of Danish vendor, Navision.

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