KPMG partner sues for £1m

Elizabeth Lake was offered a partnership with the firm, working in London and Dubai, in March 1999, at a salary of £300,000 a year with a bonus and profit sharing, according to a High Court writ.

She transferred to Dubai in October 1999, but on July 10 this year received a letter ending the partnership agreement without notice, she says.

Now Lake is suing the firm for damages for wrongful dismissal, including £855,000 for the lost opportunity to benefit from changes in management structure as a UK equity partner.

She also seeks payment of salary of Pounds 143,800, profit sharing of Pounds 67,335, and bonus of Pounds 66,631, as well as Pounds 26,300 for a lost compulsory gratuity payable under United Arab Emirates law, and lost contractual benefits payable until July next year, of base pay of Pounds 138,500, Pounds 67,335 profit sharing and Pounds 26,250 bonus.

And she claims KPMG has failed to pay her holiday pay of Pounds 46,166 and Pounds 10,520 owed for the 263 days she spent working away from her home base.

Lake, 56, complains the way she has been treated is a departure from the way in which the firm has treated other departing partners, and says the first day she could lawfully have been given notice to leave was January next year.

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