FD speaks out against red tape

Link: Red tape burden falls lightly on UK accountants

Simon Bicket, head of one of the most successful dotcom companies in the UK, was speaking shortly after Gordon Brown’s seventh Budget.

He said the UK was not the best environment for SMEs. ‘It’s not just a case of taxes, which I think we would all agree are too high,’ said Bicket.

‘There is a lot more regulation. The government sometimes has a view that time is free and that a finance director’s time is well spent filling in forms and dealing with this, that and the other. Red tape has been building over the years. There is a raft of rules that make it difficult for small companies to cope,’ he said.

Founded in 1996, Cheapflights has become one of the UK’s most popular digital brands with 1.3 million users and 11 million page impressions.

  • The full interview with Simon Bicket will appear online tomorrow.

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