Firms targeted as MYOB resellers

However, it has been made clear that accountancy firms using Solution 6 software will be targeted to resell MYOB’s business software to clients.

The takeover deal, worth AUS$233m (£95.8m), will enable MYOB to sell its SME business software through UK accountants in practice.

‘Nothing changes,’ said Solution 6 UK general manager Simon Crompton.

‘There are no changes to Solution 6 products. Our product strategy and our complete sweep of products in the UK market will continue.’

Matt Critchley, chief operating officer at MYOB, said that ‘strong strategic reasons’ were behind the merger.

‘Partnering with Solution 6 will be good for business. Accountants are always a strong referral channel for the SME purchase decision-makers.

Our SME product in the UK has flown a little under the radar. We have about 11,000 UK customers through the normal reseller channels,’ he said.

Martin Leuw, chief executive of rival accounting software company Iris, viewed the situation as ‘an opportunity, not a threat’.

‘Iris has major advantages over Solution 6 and MYOB – it is UK-based and we integrated our product line from the bottom up,’ said Leuw.

‘What we have seen in this marketplace is that acquisitions can impact customers. I don’t know whether their focus will be on Australia, what with them both being Australian companies.’

Leuw added that customers were unsettled when a software company underwent such major changes.

‘We will concentrate on the fundamentals, delivering exceptional customer service and adding new features to our products at a time when Solution 6 and MYOB could be very internally focused.’

But Simon Crompton revealed that accountants had often asked Solution 6 to provide products for their clients. ‘We have always said that we are not experts in that marketplace, we are experts at looking after accountants and their business.

‘We are now teamed up with a company that is expert in helping accountants’ clients.’

Solution 6 customers will not be forced to resell MYOB products, despite the merger.

‘If accountants choose to sell MYOB to clients then that’s fine. Some may just want to refer it or recommend it as part of their service. Some accountants offer value-added consultancy advice and will hopefully recommend MYOB,’ said Crompton.

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