New LSCA chief spells out his agenda

Speaking to fellow LSCA members at a meeting in Moorgate Place, Gross, who is chief executive at Gross Klein, said he wanted the LSCA to be more ‘focused, professional and commercial’.

Gross, the first LSCA president in more than 100 years after the title of ‘chairman’ was dropped, said: ‘There are three areas in which I aim to focus on including enhancing communications, building on the LSCA’s areas of technical expertise and delivering new enterprise initiatives both to our members and the public.’

He said it was the responsibility of the LSCA to ensure that London decision makers took action to ‘tackle problems which stifle growth’.

Enterprise, he said, lay at the heart of chartered accountants’ work whether in business or practice.

‘It is essential that London businesses are encouraged to be competitive and adaptable in a constantly changing business environment. Tomorrow’s job creators must be freed from unnecessary burdens,’ Gross said.

Helping Gross drive his ambition will be Harry Stern, the new deputy president and David Adams its vice-president.


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