Benefits – Are you getting enough?

What most attracts you to a company or firm?

Only five per cent of respondents said the only attraction for them was the benefits package of a job and just six per cent said share options were the most important factor they considered when choosing where to work.

Somewhat surprisingly, training provided by employers was a low priority for most respondents.

While 82% of respondents claimed to be satisfied with their working conditions, most were generally happy with the other benefits offered by their present employer. Salary expectations were largely met, as were working hours, travel and relocation packages and personal recognition.

Unsurprisingly, the more accountants are paid the happier they are. ACCA-qualifieds are more likely to be happy with salary levels while English ICA members are least satisfied.

Those people new to the profession – employed for less than a year – are most likely to be happy with their remuneration. But the bubble soon bursts before four years’ service when dissatisfaction with salary settles in alongside higher expectations.

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