Ward unveils ‘tough’ plan.

Graham Ward, this week inaugurated as the new president of the English ICA, has promised a tough, honest and open period of office.

Addressing the institute council as president for the first time, the PricewaterhouseCoopers partner pledged he would seek to enhance the reputation of the institute, uphold standards of practice and consider how to better serve members working in business.

‘Members have told us very clearly what they want is for us to add to the reputation of our qualification and to the respect in which it is held. My pledge to you and to all our members this morning is to do everything in my power to achieve this end,’ he said.

Ward said the institute would review its involvement with, and approach to, support for members working in or with SMEs. The work will draw on that carried out by the English ICA Enterprise Group, District Societies and national and local special interest groups.

Ward has also asked English ICA chief executive John Collier and his executive directors to prepare publishable standards of service to which the institute will adhere in its dealings with members and others.

Acknowledging the battle the institute faces to maintain its student base, Ward said it is key to ensure the new qualification was introduced successfully in September this year so that the attractiveness of the ACA is firmly re-established.

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