IT News in Brief – 1 October

Easy PC tracking

Asset Shield has launched a clip-on radio-based sensor that fits into a PC, and can be pinpointed to within 200 metres. The device can work for 31 days without power to help track PCs that have been unplugged and moved. When a machine is tampered with, it sends a signal to a central receiver unit, via a modem or network. The typical cost of a 1000-sensor system, over a three-year period, will be #2,500 per month.

Free Y2K software Data recovery specialist Ontrack is offering a free evaluation and audit year-2000 program on its website. Copies are available for download from

VAT reclaim program A US software company is introducing a program to help companies reclaim VAT from European business expenses. Developed by Corporate VAT Management of Seattle, Auto VAT can cope with the Canadian and 15 European VAT regimes. It makes its UK debut at the Accountants and Financial Directors Exhibition in London on 13 to 15 October.

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