PwC Consulting to offer IT outsourcing services

The firm said it hoped the move would establish its impartiality and encourage customers to use its IT outsourcing services.

PwC Consulting will now have its own distinct identify and may even take a new name. This will allow it to expand into the operating side of outsourcing, said David Dockray, European managing partner, PwC Consulting. ‘Our customers think of us as potential outsourcing suppliers already. We need to invest in our ability to deliver here,’ he said.

While many firms have used PwC to provide consultancy for IT projects, the newly set up arm is hoping to convince firms that they are able to run IT systems on a client’s behalf. ‘The partnership with EDS will be essential to this,’ said Dockray.

With demand for IT services still remaining sluggish, PwC Consulting would be offering new types of deals, said Noel Taylor, European business development leader, PwC Consulting. Some of these deals would involve reducing consultancy fees, in exchange for developing partnerships to run the systems, he explained. ‘We are examining ways of providing services that will appeal to customers,’ said Taylor.

Once the consultancy arm is spun-off it will have a distinct identity, said Taylor. But, while it may be keen to demonstrate their independence, PwC Consulting is unlikely to repeat the public acrimony caused by the split between Accenture and Arthur Andersen. ‘We have a close relationship with the audit side, and they will remain a key partner for us after the split,’ said Taylor.

Taylor hinted that there may be a name change, but said that it would be a challenge to ‘maintain the brand, while stressing our independence.’

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