Allowances and reliefs

Personal Allowance
under 65   Pounds 4,385
65-74   Pounds 5,790
75 and over   Pounds 6,050

Married couple’s allowance (relief at 10%)
age 65 before 6.4.2000   Pounds 5,185
age 75 and over   Pounds 5,255
minimum amount   Pounds 2,000

Age allowances reduced by half of income over   Pounds 17,000

Blind person’s allowance    Pounds 1,400
Rent-a-room relief – maximum   Pounds 4,250
Maximum ‘Golden Handshake’   Pounds 30,000

Charitable Giving exempt from CGT and IHT. Income tax relief available for single donations of cash or quoted securities or for charitable deeds of covenant, and for payroll deduction schemes. (10% supplement given on donations through payroll giving.)

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