No tax relief on stripping assets

It appears that the Danish tax authorities have stripped an ‘exotic dancer’ of her right to deduct the cost of breast implants from her taxes.

Stripper Pia Damen and her ‘business assets’ made a splash in the local news last September when a tax authority appeals board allowed the deduction because the implants were, in its view, a legitimate business expense.

Having spent nearly two grand on the enhancements, the 29-year-old stripper from Vejle took a very pragmatic view of her assets. ‘To me they are work tools,’ she said.

Under Danish corporate tax law, investments to improve or maintain facilities for running a business are tax deductible.

Unfortunately for our Danish entertainer the national tax people objected, arguing that the implants could not be seen as business improvement and threw out the claim.

Obviously the authorities were concerned there was the possibility of personal use.

And no mention was made of a clothing allowance – presumably the increase in assets would have led to a expansion in the wardrobe.

Damen was said to be appealing – the ruling, that is.

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