Sex on the lunch menu

The somewhat surprising results of research drawn up for Accountancy Age on UK professionals’ lunchtime habits reveal that only one in 100 drinks alcohol during their lunch break – the same number as goes to the bookies, plays computer games and claims to have sex. Given that professionals take longer on average for lunch than the rest of the working population, 29 compared to 27 minutes, perhaps it’s not that surprising.

However around 2% do something more cultural like visiting an art gallery, while a little over 15% of UK professionals tend to read a book or go for a walk. Most – almost one in three – say they do nothing at all.

The results from the survey by catering and support services group Eurest – based on the company’s 2002 Lunchtime report – show that professionals are no worse than the rest of the working population when it comes drinking at lunchtime.

It marks a sea change in attitude towards the traditional lunchtime drink – or at least in terms of admitting to a trip to the pub. As many as one in three workers drank at lunchtime a decade ago, according to Eurest, with one in six confessing to lunchtime drinking in 1997.

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