Rallying cry issued to Scottish business

Speaking at ICAS’ third annual practice management conference in Loch Lomond, David Sole, director of the Change partnership, a firm of managementconsultants, said: ‘We don’t do ourselves justice in business on a world scale.We’ve got heaps of potential. We don’t like to be successful for too long. Ithink we should drive for world success.’

Sole, a former Scottish rugby captain turned businessman, urged the delegates present, most of whom come from small to medium-sized practices, to ‘change or perish’. But he said that the pace of change did not mean that practitioners had to be the fastest but ‘merely the best’.

Using colourful motivational language he encouraged delegates to think ofthemselves as ‘generals taking troops into battle’.

But, despite Sole’s inspirational speech, many delegates said that it would bedifficult to be so radical either because of other partners who are unwilling tochange or a lack of internal passion for change.

‘Change can tear an organisation apart,’ said Sole. But to avoid this herecommended that any change should always involve all staff members.


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