Wyman sets out on road for English ICA presidency after winning election battle

His victory over businessman Andrew Shelley was announced at an English ICA council meeting this morning.

Head of External Relations and Communications of the UK firm of PwC, Wyman has been a member of the institute’s council since 1991.

He has also been very active in other institute activities. He was the founder member and chairman of the tax faculty.

He also led the doomed campaign to introduce optional exam papers into the institute’s training scheme, a move that was narrowly defeated in a members’ vote last year.

He is currently chairman of the Professional Standards Office.

Shelley, his defeated opponent, said: ‘I have enjoyed what has been a very friendly campaign. I believe it has demonstrated the diverse strengths of the Institute and what can be achieved if we work together. I am sure that Peter will do much to build on these strengths and improve communications with all members.’

Wyman commented: ‘We need to continue to modernise the institute, building on existing strengths and developing these to recognise the diversity of our members professional activities. Both Andrew and I stood on platforms of constructive change. The task now is to create a consensus to allow the institute to develop and thrive in the fast moving business environment of the 21st Century.’

Wyman will take office formally on 7 June, when current president Dame Sheila Masters is succeeded by deputy president Graham Ward, also from PwC, and the current vice president, Michael Groom, becomes deputy president.

Wyman has also been active within the London Society of Chartered Accountants, including serving as its treasurer and chairman.

Business versus practice in battle for institute vice-presidency

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