PwC secretary who snubbed Tony on tube has tea at Downing Street

Georgina Leketi-Solomon, 29, who was today invited to Downing Street for tea with the Prime Minister – an event set up by spin doctors at PwC and Downing Street – laughed off the experience saying she was listening to Whitney Houston on her personal stereo.

Leketi-Solomon was on her way to work last week when she suffered the ultimate commuter’s nightmare; Blair leapt energetically into her tube carriage followed by an entourage of press photographers eager to snap the rare sight of a government minister using public transport.

Clearly unused to London tube etiquette, Blair beamed conversationally at his fellow traveller.

Leketi-Solomon, however, steeling herself for a day’s work at the accountancy firm, was in no mood for conversation.

The resulting pictures, showing her clearly reluctant to remove her stereo headphones and indulge in early morning prime-ministerial chit-chat, were seen by hundreds of newspaper readers.

She was in more conversational mood today, however, and enjoyed a quick chat with the Prime Minister.

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