IMC members back name change

The Institute of Management Consultants has been renamed the Institute of Management Consultancy in a bid to expand its membership and show that it is more inclusive of all stakeholders linked to the profession: from consultancy clients to students.

IMC members voted overwhelmingly for the name change at the Institute’s annual AGM on 16 June 1998. They also decided to streamline the Council, reducing the number of members from 30 to 15 to make it more effective.

“During 1997, the Institute of Management Consultancies’ Council has been striving to make things happen. Much of the creative thinking about ‘the New IMC’ was noted positively by members at the 1997 Annual General Meeting, and much has now been tested in the furnace of real life,” said Paul Lynch, IMC president for the year 1997 to 1998. Lynch will remain in office for an extra six months until major constitutional changes have been carried out.

The AGM members also voted on the possible future appointment of a director general.

The name change is the crown in the IMC’s agenda and comes in the wake of changes aimed at broadening the scope of the Institute.

Over the last two years the IMC has updated the Certified Management Consultant qualification. As a result 14 consultancies have committed to working towards CMC status this year. The IMC has also recruited nine organisational affiliates including the Institute of Management, four Business Links and the Norfolk County Council. Membership grew by 99 percent in the last year.

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