Your Practice: Winning more fees from your clients

1. Select your top dozen clients and give them a call to arrange a meeting using the pretext of wanting to get up-to-date with their business – it should be sold as a free meeting.

The meetings should avoid lunches or breakfasts as they could have distractions, lack confidentiality and may give the impression of asking favours. However, after the meeting, a lunch is a good forum for enhancing the relationship, after the work has been done! You will get chargeable work from these meetings and the client will genuinely appreciate your interest in them.

Finally, the on-going contact will enhance a far stronger relationship and problems with your service can be much more readily rectified. (Such as fees!)

2. Volunteer to attend board meetings at no charge. You are relying on the client to discuss their problems at these meetings and thereby giving you the opportunity to help the client.

3. When delivering promotional items normally at the end of the year, you will often find that the client will have a few minutes for you. Take the oportunity to discuss how the business is going.

4. Finally, don’t forget to let the client know that you are always looking for more clients.

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