Mid-tier better for hands-on experience says ACCA

ACCA’s head of development has said that new hires at mid-tier firms will get
greater exposure to their clients compared to their counterparts who join Big
Four firms.

Tony Osude believed that although the Big Four dealt with the FTSE’s most
prestigious clients  and the development and training was ‘fantastic’, a
mid-tier post affforded more face-to-face interaction with clients.

In a
Cantos interview
discussing recruitment, Osude said: ‘If you went to one of the mid-tier firms,
one of the beauties about being there is you might not be paid as much
necessarily, but you have much more hands on experience. You can expect to
actually meet your clients in the flesh and have much more dealings with your
clients and also, importantly, if you want to stay in practice and recognition
is important to you, there’s a greater chance of being recognised and career

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