Taking Stock – Hancock’s bath hour.

Splashing around with rubber ducks is a favoured bath time activity of many people. So too is listening to the relaxing sounds of the radio while soaking in a hot tub. But when Peter Mitchell, chairman of the Small Practitioners’ Association, tuned in to his favourite bathing backing-track his choice attracted the wrong kind of attention from his son. Master Mitchell complained at being woken up by his Dad’s Tony Hancock tape one Saturday morning. Apparently the sound of laughter had disturbed him from his sleep. In fact, what the young Mitchell had heard was a tape recording of an English ICA council meeting which his Dad had missed and was catching up on during bath time. From past experience, TS was surprised that the sound of a council meeting – with members pontificating on the future of the institute – would bear more than a passing resemblance to the recordings of ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’. Perhaps the tapes could be reproduced for commercial purposes. Institute members could listen enthralled to the latest discussions on the new English ICA syllabus or the need to revise the audit exemption threshold. The tapes could even come in handy as sleeping aids.

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