Tories: Euro decision is a ‘sham’

Link: Euro entry will boost growth

The attack came as chancellor Gordon Brown prepared to meet with EU finance ministers at the Economic and Financial Affairs Council in Brussels tomorrow.

Speculation is growing about whether Brown will declare that his five economic tests have been met, a decision he is expected to make in the first week of June, based on a self-imposed deadline by the government.

But the Tories turned questions about Brown’s resolve on this issue into an attack on doubts about the unity of the prime minister’s cabinet, in the light of the resignation of international development secretary Claire Short yesterday.

Tory MEP Theresa Villiers said: ‘We have all known for some time that these five tests are a sham. The real test for the prime minister is whether he can hold his cabinet together.’

‘Mr Blair should stop playing politics with the future of our economy and accept that the case against the euro is clear.’

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