Deloitte continues merger march across Europe

The merger agreements, announced today, increases Deloitte’s Andersen Europe fleet from six to eight, having already clinched deals in Britain, Spain, Sweden, Denmark Belgium and Portugal.

It also ensures that much of the Andersen network across Europe remains intact.

The Dutch merger was unanimously agreed to by Andersen Netherlands partners, while Deloitte?s 289 partners will vote on the deal on 26 April.

It is expected to become effective on 1 June ? the date, which should also see the Swedish, and Danish deals being completed.

Both managing partners, Jan Dalhuisen of Andersen and Willy Biewinga of Deloitte, were pleased with the strategic partnership.

The deal with Andersen Italy was confirmed to by Deloitte, but no details are yet known.

In addition Ernst & Young has agreed in principle to a merger with Andersen’s Luxembourg unit.

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