Sir Digby questions value of EU membership

In his final press interview before leaving the Confederation of British
Industry for a role at Deloitte, Sir Digby Jones told The
Guardian serious questions needed to be asked about the value of the UK
being involved in Europe.

While stressing he was not calling for the UK to withdraw from the European
Union, Jones said: ‘I do think serious questions need to be asked about the
value added of being involved.’

Jones said the Blair government had ‘spurned a golden opportunity for reform
at home’

‘There are big things that need to be done – reform of public services,
changes to the planning system, the skilling of the nation, the transport
infrastructure. Labour is now taking on everybody to get it achieved but it is
not as well equipped to do it now as it was in 1999,’ he added.

He said the current agenda for the private sector was international
competitiveness. He said unions should ‘stop fighting for the job and help equip
people for a job’.

Besides acting as special adviser to Deloitte chief executive John Connolly,
Jones will also have boardroom roles at Barclays Capital and Ford.

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