ACCPAC rapped over ‘misleading’ advert

The ASA last week came down on the side of Intuit, following a claim by ACCPAC that its Simply Accounting product was better than Intuit’s rival package QuickBooks, as it was a ‘real accounting’ offering. The complaint was made in February.

Stephen Lee, Intuit managing director, said: ‘We are pleased that the ASA has upheld our complaint against ACCPAC’s advertisement for Simply Accounting. Our QuickBooks range has been designed for businesses and accountants alike to work more effectively together while providing features to ensure that users have all the business information at their fingertips.’

Intuit had also complained because it felt the advert ‘created a misleading impression’ of its software and claimed the fact that its product is accredited by the ICAEW was not made clear.

However, ACCPAC assistant vice president internet business, Keith Fenner, said: ‘We are happy not to continue running the advert in question in the UK. However, in places including North America, there have been no such complaints so we will continue with it elsewhere.’

The row comes as the battle to increase the number of customers in the lucrative SME accounting market continues to bubble under.

At the end of last year, ACCPAC announced plans to give away a million copies of its SOHO and SME accounting software.

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