HMRC launches long-awaited charter

The taxman has set out its charter, pledging to respect taxpayers, provide
help and support, and treat them even-handedly.

The charter has been eagerly anticipated, having been flagged up three years
ago as a possibility and consultation beginning in February.

Revenue & Customs
‘ nine pledges or “rights”, it asks three
obligations of taxpayers: Be honest; respect our staff; and take care to get
things right.

The charter’s main points:

Your rights:
1 Respect you
2 Help and support you to get things right
3 Treat you as honest
4 Treat you even-handedly
5 Be professional and act with integrity
6 Tackle people who deliberately break the rules and challenge those who bend
the rules
7 Protect your information and respect your privacy
8 Accept that someone else can represent you
9 Do all we can to keep the cost of dealing with us as low as possible

Your obligations:
1 Be honest
2 Respect our staff
3 Take care to get things right

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