Web Reviews – Just the job?

Last week, KPMG announced it had moved all its recruitment online, dispensing with the need to fill in forms and posting your CV.

This was seen as a bold step. Although legally still required to accept paper applications, the firm is determined to deal with all applications, including those that come via recruitment agencies, through the internet.

The Big Five take recruitment seriously – it is a cliche, but the firms are only as good as their people – and they need to ensure they attract the right candidates.

Fortunately for KPMG, its site works. The careers section is clearly signposted from the home page, and has its own URL too (

The site’s key aspect is that you can apply for all jobs online. You can also track your application and store your details so it is simple to apply for other positions.

While most sites try to make their graduate recruitment sections entertaining and informative, KPMG spreads this approach over all of its recruitment pages, with particular emphasis on work/life balances. As a result, the graduate recruitment area is even more lively than most.

PwC at www.pwcglobal. com/uk tries hard with its recruitment pages, but is not as sophisticated as KPMG. You can apply online for graduate positions, but it doesn’t seem possible to do so for ‘experienced’ jobs. Instead, details need to be emailed. But there is a comprehensive list of vacancies, all with job specs.

Andersen’s recruitment pages on are a touch confusing, though this may be a test for applicants. Like the other firms, Andersen tries to give a flavour of what it is like to work in the firm – the best/worst moment section is quite revealing.

Current vacancies were more than a couple of clicks away, but once found, were comprehensive. Some vacancies could be applied for online, but not all.

Deloitte & Touche’s site,, comes across as quite stern, and is particularly unfriendly towards agencies. It will only accept individuals’ applications via email or post – there is no online facility.

But it is very simple to search for job vacancies, and details of each position are set out clearly.

Ernst & Young’s recruitment pages are well signposted from its home page,, the job specs are very informative, and applications can be made online, via email or by post.

It is also possible to store your profile so you can receive email alerts if a vacancy matching your details comes up – probably best to give a personal address though.

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