Pope to criticise tax evasion as ‘socially unjust’

The Vatican is readying itself to declare tax evasion as ‘socially unjust’,
as Pope Benedict XVI works on a doctrinal pronouncement that will condemn the

The Times reports that in his second encyclical, the most powerful
statement made by the Pope, Pope Benedict will denounce tax havens and offshore
bank accounts held by wealthy individuals.

The Pope will argue that these practices reduce tax revenues which are meant
for the benefit of society as a whole. He is also expected to argue that the
globalised economic world needs to be regulated so that it avoids injustice and

The news of the contents of the encyclical follows a determined crackdown on
tax evasion by the Italian government lead by Romano Prodi, a devout Catholic.
Prodi has called on the Church to speak out on tax evasion.

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