Business phone lines used for sex talk

Link: Sex on the lunch menu

As many as 35 million phone calls a year are made to premium-rate sex, chat and TV vote lines, costing businesses millions of pounds.

Some of these lines cost as much as £1.50 a minute, adding up to around £25m a year.

Research by BT Group, revealed that every hour of the working day, 15,000 illicit calls are made.

The biggest culprits are financial advisers, car dealers and hotel workers, while it was also revealed that workers in London, Birmingham and Chelmsford are most likely to making such calls.

Craig Rowland, managing director of BT Business said the amount of premium rate calls ‘can cause an unexpected shock when the phone bill arrives’.

‘Some companies put bars on certain types of calls while others find that a warning to their staff can do the trick.’

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