Taking Stock – Greatorex by name, great by nature.

Great leaders come and go but it can be a huge mistake to lose a good one prematurely.

Ray Greatorex is still in place as national managing partner of HLB Kidsons, despite some speculation that now the merger attempts with Grant Thornton are well and truly over, a new man at the top would be needed.

Ray is comfy in his seat at the top table and by all accounts has plenty of enthusiastic support to stay in post.

Indeed even those who were named as good enough to be contenders have stated they are not in the running for his job.

We at TS are pleased to hear this. Greatorex was the only man at the Accountancy Age Awards brave enough to defy comedian Clive Andersen and make a speech when HLB won medium firm of the year.

Hope he’s as defiant over his job. ?:

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