Arthur Andersen releases statement

Arthur Andersen has released a statement following a US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn its conviction for obstruction of justice as a result of work undertaken for former energy giant Enron.

Here is the statement in full:

‘We are very pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision, which acknowledges the fundamental injustice that has been done to Arthur Andersen and its former personnel and retirees.

‘We pursued an appeal of this case not because we believed Arthur Andersen could be restored to its previous position, but because we had an obligation to set the record straight and clear the good name of the 28,000 innocent people who lost their jobs at the time of the indictment and tens of thousands of Andersen alumni, as well as to help secure a fair resolution of the civil litigation facing the firm.

‘This decision represents an important step in removing an unjustified cloud over the professionalism and integrity of the people of Arthur Andersen.

‘As we have stated, this decision has far-reaching implications for businesses and individuals across the country in the way routine business decisions are implemented.’

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