Profile: Neil Taylor, Raleigh International

Trading Solihull for Uganda, Neil Taylor is Raleigh International’s expedition accountant for three months this summer. The Association of Accounting Technicians has teamed up with Raleigh International, a youth development charity for conservation in the community, to offer AAT member Taylor, 28, a bursary for this adventurous career move.

Formerly a management accountant at Binding Site, Taylor jumped at the chance to broaden his horizons while continuing his accountancy career.

He said: ‘The chance to travel, experience different cultures and help others in developing countries was attractive. There is a position for an expedition accountant on every Raleigh International trip.’ Currently based in the field office just outside Kampala, Taylor’s computer is often powered by a generator and lit by a kerosene lantern. ‘This is home, office and equipment store. Services we take for granted – running water and electricity – are intermittent and unreliable,’ he said of his demanding environment.

Responsible for financial controls, budgeting, cashflows and for producing the interim and final accounts for audit, he is also involved in managing and supporting the expedition. ‘We are in the middle of a two-week staff training period before the participants arrive,’ he explained. ‘I am setting up the expedition accounting system as well as learning a range of expedition skills including using the high frequency radios, first aid and navigation.’

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