The Big Question – Social reforms will hit business

Business is paying for Chancellor Gordon Brown’s social reforms, according to 56% of finance directors surveyed for The Big Question.

In the poll conducted by Accountancy Age and Reed Accountancy Personnel before Tuesday’s Budget, 21% of FDs said they expected to pay more after Brown’s statement.

‘Social reforms are necessary,’ said Stuart Chapman, FD at International Baccalaureate. ‘Business contributes to the Exchequer through taxes, and it is therefore not unreasonable for some contribution to be expected.

Ultimately, business will benefit from social reforms’.

Paresh Samat, of Steel Burrel Jones Employment Safety Services, agreed.

‘Whenever any sort of reform is being considered, businesses are hit the hardest. It is no exception with Gordon Brown. The best way to collect monies for social reforms is to penalise businesses in new taxes,’ he said.

‘Why shouldn’t the business world have a social conscience?’ asked David Harrison, FD of office furniture manufacturer Ahrend.

‘In some ways they are robbing Peter to pay Paul’, said Andrew Crean, of Granada Food Services. ‘But entry into the social chapter and the minimum wage are two of the most important reforms the Chancellor is looking to introduce.’

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