Izza is in pole position to replace Anstee

With Anstee proving controversial for his strong-willed approach and drive to
make the institute more influential and internationally focused, institute
insiders have singled out Izza as the prime candidate for the role. ‘Izza is a
very strong candidate, a wonderful administrator and a safe pair of hands,’ said
one senior council member.

Despite Izza’s popularity, other council members suggested a ‘similar strong
character’ to Anstee would be required to continue the ICAEW’s strategy. ‘I
think they’d look externally,’ said another council member. ‘Izza has been
strong as COO, but if they moved him he would then need replacing.’

News of Anstee’s departure broke at the ICAEW council conference held last
Thursday and Friday. While Anstee had originally stated he would serve three
years, insiders said they would have expected him to stay on another year if the
merger attempt with CIPFA had been approved by members.

The conference also saw a presentation of the review into what led to Graham
Durgan stepping down as incoming president of the ICAEW, following concerns of a
perceived conflict of interest.

While plans to strengthen its nomination committee have been mooted to avoid
a similar situation, some council members expressed disappointment over the lack
of detail provided during the review.

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