Quotes of the month

‘It is vital that the work of hired consultants is rigorously assessed to see
if they represent value for money and bring any real benefit to the work of
government. That this basic rule is not being followed in a third of cases is
hardly reassuring for hard-pressed taxpayers. I have long been concerned about a
publicly funded gravy train for consultants and it would seem that it is still
very much on track’

Assemblyman John Dallat on the Northern Ireland Audit Office’s
revelations about public sector use of consultants in the province

‘It’s a shame. He’s a fantastic bloke. He was gutted the way his personal
decision came out and things portrayed nowhere near the truth. He’ll be doing
things that are going to add value to society. He’s not going to retire on a

Capita FD Gordon Hurst on the departure of chairman Rod Aldridge in
the wake of the Labour party loans furore

‘In 2005, project-based services and software support grew at a greater rate
than the overall market average, which has not been the case since 2000’

Kathryn Hale, vice-president of Gartner’s IT services group, on how
the trend for growth in outsourcing services changed in 2005

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