Hamilton in fresh row

Link: Profile: Louise Brittain

The trustee, Louise Brittain, from Baker Tilley, hopes to sell the £1m home but has been told there would be a better chance of selling it if the Hamiltons vacated. The couple has so far refused to leave and are attempting to sell it themselves.

Sources close to the case told Accountancy Age more money could be raised by the sale. The source added that the trustees had the property valued at £1.25m, a higher price than so far offered. Before selling, the trustee is believed to be investigating claims by Hamilton’s lawyers on the home.

The source explained: ‘The trustee must clarify the position of the lawyers because Hamilton charged the lawyers’ fees against his house and the trustees are contesting that.’

Hamilton previously contested possession of the house saying it was in the name of his wife Christine, who is not bankrupt. But it was later proved the house belongs to the former MP.

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