LibDem MP wants tax credits inquiry

Link: Budget 2003: Lowest paid to get big increase

Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat for North Norfolk, told the FT that he had received many calls from taxpayers who had not been able to get through to the Revenue with queries.

This week, two new tax credit schemes come into place, namely the child tax credit and the working tax credit, which replace the weekly tax credit payments. At the same time, the payment of tax credits has been transferred from the Benefits Agency to the Inland Revenue.

BBC Online listed the following complaints: problems with the helpline, non-processed claim forms, people who have received notifications, but have been sent new claim forms, backlog in processing forms, non-payment of awards, and the Revenue computer system having difficulty processing double-barrelled names

In an effort to cope with the flood of calls, the Revenue has added a further 700 people to the 2,000 who are already manning telephone lines.

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