MPs lack faith in online targets

The survey, compiled for the World Internet Forum, found only 61% of 101 MPs questioned agreed that the UK government’s goal of having 100% of its services available online by 2005 was achievable. This represents a drop of 13 percentage points since MPs were asked the same question in January.

Last month, the government launched its UK Online initiative at which it reiterated its pledge to get services online. Almost £1bn has been earmarked to reach the 2005 target.

The government also announced an additional £15m over two years to bolster the £10m already allocated to help make the UK the leading country in which to do e-business.

But when MPs were asked, only 41% of Conservative MPs and 60% of Labour MPs felt that the UK was in this position.

Achieving the government’s online targets was the job of e-envoy Alex Allan until he resigned from the post last month. The hunt is now on for a replacement for Allan who will leave at the end of this week for personal reasons.


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