February rebate for e-filers

As a way of encouraging the public to embrace the concept, the Inland Revenue offered a £10 discount to taxpayers who used the scheme. But the 30,000 people who used the Revenue’s controversial service were expected to deduct the £10 themselves.

Last week, the Revenue was forced to obtain a Parliamentary approval to pay those who did not bother to deduct the £10.

Members of the public due a rebate will be paid after this month’s 31 January tax deadline.

Last year, the Revenue’s e-filing project was plagued by technical problems, severe delays and bad publicity. It was due to go live in April 2000 but diffculties forced the launch of the service to be put back until May 2000, and then again to July 2000.

Technical problems extended the time it took to download forms from the site forcing the Revenue to send out thousands of CD Roms and a computer glitch meant forms had to be printed and entered into the Revenue’s system manually.

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