HMRC’s Hartnett backs charity’s call for international tax changes

A row between Christian Aid and the Big Four firms over international tax
reporting rules has re-ignited after HMRC secretary Dave Hartnett threw his
weight behind calls for country-by-country reporting.

Christian Aid supporters are demanding changes to international rules that
permit what it describes as tax abuses that deprive developing countries of
revenue. The campaign involves sending postcards and emails to the heads of Big
Four firms, reports the

Hartnett told a press conference in Paris last week that the issue had been
gathering momentum.

‘There is a growing recognition that country-by-country reporting brings
additional transparency, particularly in relation to how multinationals are
operating in emerging and developing countries,’ he said.

Tax advisers are in discussions with Christian Aid over the introduction of
country-by-country reporting rules but are concerned that it would substantially
increase the already heavy compliance burden on companies.

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