Government hires recruitment experts to help them staff up new small business service

The DTI advertised for applicants to be considered as part of the 20 strong Council before Christmas, and revealed it had been flooded with applications from potential candidates.

But it is understood the agency has also been briefed to approach a number of leading small business industry figures in a bid to encourage them to apply.A spokesman for the DTI said there had been a lot of interest in the council and that the 20 successful candidates would be revealed altogether.

Small Business Service chief executive David Irwin, confirmed: ‘We have appointed consultants to help us sift through and encourage certain applications. We hope to be making announcements soon.’

The agency was not named.

Meanwhile the DTI also said it could be announcing the chairman for the SBC as early as next week.The favourite for the part-time role remains Chambers of Commerce director-general Chris Humphries.

Small Business Service chief will have hotline to Prime Minister

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