Procurement – New e-purchasing solution.

KPMG Consulting, software giant Microsoft and PC manufacturer Compaq have launched an integrated e-purchasing solution that they claim can reduce a company’s purchasing costs by as much as 15%. The UK’s total procurement spend is estimated to be £300bn and Louis Jordan, head of supply chain at KPMG Consulting, said the new enterprise-to-enterprise e-purchasing solution was the first of its kind in the UK. ‘It brings together the e-business implementation expertise of KPMG Consulting, Compaq’s capabilities in infrastructure, technology and systems solutions and Microsoft’s proven e-commerce platform in a 1000-strong team of professionals,’ said Jordan. The solution will contain a ‘digital dashboard’ offering electronic catalogues, purchasing card networks, intranets, e-bills and online. Gordon Smillie, director of the Business Solutions Group at Microsoft, said: ‘The focus in the marketplace has shifted from enterprise-to-consumer e-commerce to the creation of ‘virtual channels’ between trading partners. Until now this shift has been hindered by the diversity of solutions and standards employed by businesses, making it difficult for effective interaction over the Internet.’

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