Tories aim for lower tax burden for poor

While steering clear of upfront promises to cut taxes, George Osborne, the
Tory shadow chancellor, said the party was in favour of lowering the tax burden
for the less well off in a speech made at the Conservative Party conference.

Osborne said he wanted lower taxes because they would help Britain to be more
competitive, and help people ‘to take greater social responsibility over their
own lives’.

But, he promised that any cuts would not come at the expense of economic

‘We will never ever again win the argument on tax – or anything else for that
matter – if people fear for one moment that we might endanger the stability of
the economy, endanger the low mortgage rates and low inflation families depend
on,’ Osborne said.

‘If we haven’t learnt that in our long years of opposition, then we have
learnt nothing,’ he said.

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