Hunt on for director of new accountants’ watchdog body

The hunt for a director of the Review Board was launched today.

The implementation working group setting up the Review Board has not specified the need for an accountant but its head, Chris Swinson, decided that diplomatic and administrative skills were as important as an accounting background. But one insider said the panel would not rule out accountants.

The post answers directly to Sir John Bourn, head of the National Audit Office and recently appointed chairman of the Review Board.

Under the aegis of the Foundation, a reshaped Auditing Practices Board, a new Ethics Standards Board and a new Investigation and Discipline Board will come into being to forming a new regulatory system.

The Review Board’s work is to be public interest watchdog to the Foundation and its subsidiary bodies.

Its creation follows calls for an independent body to oversee the accountancy profession.

The salary for the Review Board director will reach six figures and applicants will need a ‘record of substantial achievement with experience which could have included government, professional and business sectors’.

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