US students like ‘coolness factor’ of profession

The number of graduates wanting to enter into a career in accountancy is not
only booming in the UK but firms are also becoming more attractive employers to
students of top US universities, according to new research.

A survey of 30,000 students studying science, engineering, IT and business at
123 of the US’s top colleges carried out by advisory and research group
Universum Communications showed that three of the Big Four firms are back in the
top 10 ‘ideal employers’ rankings.

BMW and Microsoft came first and second, respectively, however, accounting
and financial services were seen as the strongest performers. This may suggest
that the US scandals of the past such as Enron have either been forgotten by the
new generation or demonstrated the important role accounting has played in the
business world.

‘After being viewed as unsexy, the accounting industry now has unprecedented
coolness factor among undergraduate students’, the Universum report said.

In Europe, strategy and management consultants McKinsey was the most popular
employer among business students.

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