Public warms to government-sponsored smart card scheme

The IT company’s report, ‘How Smart are we on Smart Cards?’ shows respondents approve of the concept of smart cards, but when the researchers explained the practicalities and the level of information required for its implementation, 90% would be reluctant to divulge details about themselves.

However over half of the 500 people questioned would be happy to use a card that performs a number of functions, and one-in-three would be willing to carry a combined ID card and driving license.

Logica believes the government must takes steps to alter the public’s perception of smart cards through possible public sector initiatives.

Paul Lethbridge, client partner of Logica Consulting, said: ‘We’ve had some very encouraging results for public sector initiatives, which suggest that the public are ready to start embracing smart card technology. It’s really important that the government takes note and gradually introduces these programmes based on incrementally revealing benefits to the citizen.”

The government recently considered introducing ID cards following the 11 September terrorist attacks, in a bid to stamp out terrorism, and former Conservative cabinet minister Colin Moynihan also pushed strongly for ID cards during the eighties, as an answer to football hooliganism.

Research for “How Smart are we on Smart Cards?” was carried out by Teleconomy.

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