Firms’ websites get resounding thumbs down

Link: New ecommerce rules hamper UK ebusiness

But Jit Karia, marketing director of web-solutions developer EAccounting Plus, which undertook the survey, said firms were beginning to realise that their websites needed to be more than just an online brochure.

The majority of the 200 firms surveyed by EAccounting Plus said they were discouraged from upgrading their site to a ‘fully functional portal’ because of the cost – websites are generally upgraded by an outside agency at considerable expense.

Karia said most practices did not realise the cost-effective merits of generating additional revenue for the practice from their websites.

‘Although they have decided to have a web presence, not much thought has gone into how to make money from what can be a powerful marketing and sales tool,’ he added.

The 200 firms surveyed ranged from the Top 30 right down to sole practitioners.

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