Skilling launches Enron appeal

Disgraced Enron boss Jeffrey Skilling, who has been sentenced to 24 years in
prison for insider trading and fraud, began his appeal against the sentence

The Guardian reports that Skilling is claiming that his trial was
unfair because it was held in Houston, where there was ‘venomous emotion’ over
Enron’s collapse.

‘Long before any trial was convened, newspapers around the country,
politicians in Washington and an inflamed public were all demanding prison
sentences for Enron’s managers. In Houston, such calls rung out daily with
venomous emotion,’ says the appeal brief.

The appeal is being heard in New Orleands and Skilling’s lawyer Dan
Petrocelli has already pleaded for his client to be released from a Minnesota
prison, where he has been held since December 2006.

Experts believe Skilling’s appeal is a long shot and prosecutors have
described the appeal as ‘hyperbolic rhetoric’.

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