Taking Stock – Eye eye, a wheel good way to wind down.

As millennium initiatives go, the London Eye is by far the most spectacular in the capital. Despite opening a couple of months late to the public, the Eye has come to symbolise success. Just this week, Prince Andrew’s 40th birthday treat of a ride on the Eye sparked a row when he and the Duchess of York queue-jumped ahead of hundreds of paying customers. The couple and their two daughters were booed and jeered as they walked straight on to the £35m ride, leaving everyone else out in the cold. But TS walked through the crowds with head held high, having been offered a ride with Groupe Chez Gerard finance director Paul Rivers. Chez Gerard, known for its speciality of steak frites (it boasts ‘The Best Steak Frites this side of Paris’) is changing direction and expanding. How fitting to make the announcement on a wheel where observers are able to see for a distance of 26 miles from a height of 135 metres. But readers will be delighted to know that speculation about riders with binoculars being able to see into the Queen’s bedroom window was cast aside as onlookers realised the potential of gazing into PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Embankment Place offices. TS heard PwC is hiring out the wheel for partners. Priced at around £300 per capsule for a 30-minute ride, it would provide the perfect way for partners stressed about the details of the firm’s proposed split to wind down.

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