Taking Stock – Accountants hot up Mayoral race wars.

Accountancy has moved centre stage in the London mayoral race. First, Accountancy Age revealed London Underground’s accounts have been reported to the Financial Reporting Review Board for allegedly massively overstating its assets. A bit of a blow given the punch-ups that will follow in the mayoral contest over the tube network. But then it turned out that the favourite to become the capital’s first mayor, Red Ken Livingstone, had not been as detailed as he might have been when declaring his financial arrangements to the House of Commons. In fact it turns out the ardent socialist fulfilled speaking engagements with Ernst & Young and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Then, as the race to lead London hots up, Alistair Campbell admits the tax bill under Labour has risen. Shocker! You have to wonder whether Blair and his mates really want Dobbo to win.

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